​​patti huber, lcsw

licensed clinical social worker • lcs 21064 

psychotherapy services


Patti Huber specializes in supporting individuals, whether adolescent, a young adult or the young at heart, through journeys in life.

She supports clients through journeys of life transitions, family building (foster care, adoption, or reproductive medicine), aging, grief/loss, and trauma.

Amidst the chaos of significant life events, there are lessons one can glean from the experience. These challenges are fraught with emotions as one learns to navigate the world within the context of the new normal; it usually involves a readjustment in relationships whether it with one's self or with others. It is with deep regard that Patti supports individuals through the process, holding one's journey, pain, growth, and healing sacred until the light returns to one's heart.



specialized consultation : adoption


Patti Huber provides consultation for professionals and counseling for individuals and families who are touched by adoption, foster care or complex blended families.

She is an adoptive mom in a transracial adoption. She is passionate about helping families find the language to tell the stories of how their family came to be in a heart-centered, developmental way.

Using an eclectic approach to therapy (including EMDR), she provides support to couples as well as all members of the constellation moving through their family building choices.

Her practice supports individuals and professionals in the community through support groups, consultation, teaching, and therapy.

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